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debbie bell cosmetologist doctor laser hair removal permanent cosmetics lifetime cosmetics knoxville tennessee cosmetology permanent makeup electrolysis windows trees porch laser hair removal picture woman eyebrow hairline chest bikini beauty markLifetime CosmeticsĀ© is committed to rendering superior service to clients desiring Electrolysis, Laser Hair Removal or Permanent Cosmetics.

Lifetime CosmeticsĀ© is owned & operated by Deborah Ball, a registered nurse with a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. In addition, she is also licensed in Electrology and Permanent Cosmetics.


What does this mean to our clients?

* Extensive background in the medical sciences.
* Extensive & Comprehensive study of human anatomy & physiology.
* Pharmacology -- how medications interact and affect your body.
* Personalized treatment plans.
* Thorough understanding of disease and the overall effects on the body.
* Application & practice of sterile techniques.
* Strict adherence to State & Federal guidelines regarding blood-borne pathogens & techniques to insure your ultimate safety and well-being.
* Patient confidentiality.
* 28 years experience in electrolysis provides you the ultimate assurance, confidence, trust, and results you deserve.
* Continuing education & training in electrolysis, laser hair removal & permanent cosmetics provides you with the latest treatment & techniques available.
* Previous Board Certified Instructor assures that you are receiving quality treatment at the hands of a true professional.



"Our business is viewed as a skin care and body clinic that helps women and men improve appearance and personal confidence."

Men and women want to feel good about themselves.
It is a proven fact that a positive self-concept is linked to how you look and feel.

"Offering both Electrolysis and Laser hair removal, Lifetime Cosmetics covers all the bases in permanent hair removal."

Laser Hair removal has been around for a while, however, "I've been watching the lasers for years and waited until I found a laser that would bring fantastic results."

Deborah received extensive training for Lasers in Florida and is excited about adding this service to her beauty center.

She is also a licensed permanent cosmetic artist. Her hands-on training and participation in courses in Texas have been have kept her up with the latest trends in permanent cosmetics procedures. This is a fairly new field which continues to grow in popularity and will continue to grow, as long as people have a serious want for change.

These procedures that were once only available to "celebrities" or the very "well-to-do", are now affordable to most everyone. We have done hundreds of procedures with excellent results!

In addition to being a wife, mother, and professional business owner of Lifetime CosmeticsĀ©, Deborah also attends "all available seminars and stays current on all research through reading material and the internet."


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